New Arrivals…0001

Ever have days where you just want to roll over everything in your path? Maybe it’s January and the snowy, New England weather is relegating you to the torture of your trainer; all you want to do is get out and pedal? Ever wish you had a bike that could really go anywhere? Well, it’s arrived here in Pedal Power, Vernon.

Enter the Surly Neck Romancer Pugsley fat-tire bike. The beauty and magic of this bicycle lies in the wheels and tires. 82mm wide rims with 3.8″ tires (let’s just call ’em four inch wide) can be run at pressures as low as 5psi, and can handle just about anything that gets in their way. When I test rode this one, the tires were pretty quick at about 30psi on the rails-to-trails here in Vernon. I switched over to some hardly-ridden-somewhat-secret-ish single track that’s right off of the path to see how they felt on mountain bike terrain. After stopping and dropping the pressure down to about 20psi, I was amazed at how grippy they cornered without feeling squishy or rolling over through high-speed corners.

My hand in the shot to give perspective on the width.

Because said trails are ridden without any regularity by others, there are still a lot of branches and small trees that have blown down across the singletrack in the last few storms that we’ve had. The Pug rolls over just about anything in it’s way. Coming across larger trees, I took it easy, (as the bike needs to be in show-room condition), so I simply diverted around larger obstacles. Again, the wheels continued to roll without much effort, through soft leafy areas that would halt a regular mountain bike. This opens the possibility of exploratory rides through areas that may have yet to see a broken in trail. Back on the rail-trail (or just slightly off to the side, to be specific), the fat tires roll through knee-high weeds as if they’re not even there.

Notice the offset.

Another notable feature is the offset on the rear wheel (pictured above). The rear end on the Neck Romancer is offset. This helps the disc brakes clear the frame properly, and also helps to keep the chain from rubbing in the smallest gear combinations (also helped by the MWOD crankset…go here for more info).

Simply put, this bike rips! The handling and traction are incredible. Fat bikes open up a ton of places to ride and explore that aren’t currently available to other styles of bikes. At the very least, you’ll come back smiling after you throw a leg over and take it for a rip! Come on into our Vernon location and try it out!


One thought on “New Arrivals…0001

  1. I bought a Surly Necromancer Pugs (AKA, Black Ops Pugs, Neck Romancer Pugs) last December. I never run with over 15psi in the tires, and on snow or sand I run at 5 or 6psi. No other bike puts a smile on your face like a Pugs!

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