Diamondback Sortie 3 29er

Gary’s new bike! Diamondback Sortie 3 29er!

Gary recently got an awesome new mountain bike. Here’s what he had to say: “I have a new bike.  Diamondback Sortie Three 29er. I just rode it! 28 miles and it is hands down the most stable full suspension I have ever ridden.

Pretty sure I will call it my full suspension hardtail! Handles crisply without being scattered.  Tracks very well on skinnies.  It’s a 2013, so it has the new Fox Climb Trail Descend (CTD) settings.  Parts are full XT Shadow Plus with Ice Tech brakes. 2×10 as well. The ride had 6000 feet of climbing (no, I didn’t go north just did the same ridge six ways to Sunday in both directions) and the bike just hooked up and went!  Very impressed.” -Gary

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3 thoughts on “Diamondback Sortie 3 29er

  1. so….I have ridden this bike a bunch since the first entry…..case mtn twice, middlesex twice, salmon river twice and a huge 48 mile ride last week…..Verdict…..a solid bike that corners and tracks very well….Pedals nicely. I would get another if I crushed this one in a drive through! I need to pick on two things. The tires are great in the dry…very fast……Get them on wet rocks and watch out! They are like ICE! I think they are the hard rubber compound. (WTB Wolverines) Think I and going to try the Maxxis “Beavers” Light and a very soft compound with an open tread pattern that seems to work for me. The bike also skids in the rear easier than the old Rumblefish did…..Hopefully it is a combination of the tires, the super powerful XT Ice brakes and the mad crazy speed I am holding on the bike…….I have a sneaking suspicion it is the lack of Trek’s ABP rear end. It could also be the shock in the rear being a little over damped. I have the rebound full open and it is still a little slow. This might also be why it is so stable..Darn compromises… We shall see soon if the skidding goes away when I get the “Beavers” on the bike. This bike is a wicked good climber. It is also easy to pop over big stuff (logs/rocks/random people) most likely due to its stable nature. If I think of more I will be back….Gary

  2. Hey Gary,

    Question for you – can you fit a tire larger than a 2.2″ in the back, say like a 2.4″ (thinking Maxxis Ardent or Specialized Purgatory or Bontrager FR3)? I hear rear tire clearance on the 2012’s was tight, and I was wondering if it’s been improved on the 2013’s.


    • Hi Aaron -Maybe it’s possible? I would say that trial and error is the best way to see what is going to work. As I’m sure you’re aware, tires sometimes measure wider, or narrower, than what they are marked. They also fluctuate in terms of their height. For example, I’ve seen 2.1’s mount up and fit on a bike with tight clearance. However, overnight the tire actually swelled and caused interference with the front derailleur. You may just have to try different a couple of different tires to see what is going to fit. Maybe borrow something used from a friend that has been ridden so the swelling won’t be an issue? I would suggest using a set of calipers to measure tires that are mounted & properly inflated to your riding psi to get a level playing field in terms of measurements between the different brands & models.

      Looking at the 2013 Sortie we have in stock, the clearance laterally between the stays does not look like the issue. It is more the clearance with regard to the seat stay & chain stay cross braces that sit above the treads of the tire (that’s looking at the stock 2.2’s-which actually measure to 2.2). I haven’t seen any of the 2012’s, so I can’t speak to any improvements between the two years.

      I wish there was a better answer, but unfortunately, there is so much fluctuation between tire size markings & the different manufacturers, it’s difficult to give a black & white answer. Hope this helps. -Matt

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