2012 Bikes & Beers Conclusion

We’re a little late with this post, but better than never is what I hear… We had an awesome end of the season ride and party with our friends from CT Beer Trail and Eli Cannon’s Tap Room.

Thirsty riders hanging out at the ‘Mid-Ride Refreshment Stop’.

About 80 folks showed up to help us celebrate the changing of the seasons and partake in Pedal Power’s last Bikes & Beers rides. The Beer Ride took a nice, scenic, leisurely pace through about 13 miles of farm-country roads through Middlefield, Rockfall and Middletown. Our ‘Mid-Ride Refreshment Stop’ was sponsored by New England Brewing. (They’ve been a big supporter of ours for the whole Bikes & Beers series this year, and we can’t thank them enough!) While we’re mentioning sponsors, Bryon from CT Beer Trail has also been instrumental in helping our Bikes & Beers rides for the past two years. Go to CTBeertrail.net and sign up to stay in the loop with everything craft-beer in CT!

Bryon from CT Beer Trail hard at work!

At the conclusion of the ride, the kind folks at Eli Cannon’s opened up their bar to us (as they are usually closed on Monday nights) for the celebration of the end of our Monday Night Road Ride series as well as our 2012 Bikes & Beers series.

All were treated to a free spread of food, and some of the best local (and non-local) craft beers that CT has to offer. While all of the Pedal Power crew were gathered in one place, we got the chance to take some staff photos. Actually, the staff photos were mandatory, as Pedal Power is taking home another Top 100 5-star Retailer award this year! We’ll have another post on the details of this prestigious award a bit later. All in all, a great season of riding.

Your Pedal Power crew.

Don’t forget, even though another season of warm weather is past us, we still have weekly rides that go year round! Check out our Group Rides page on our website for the lowdown. We hope to ride with you soon!


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