Mountain Bike Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to get off the beaten path or just pedal around the neighborhood? There’s no better vehicle than a mountain bike to tackle a variety of terrain. Do you dream of riding remote trails deep in the backcountry, taking hot laps on the dirt paths in the park, or something in between? There’s certainly a mountain bike that can do it, and do it well. Continue reading


Tune Your Next Ride – Adjust Your Tire Pressure PT II

Pedal Power Road Bikes

Adjusting tire pressure is the easiest, quickest, (and cheapest) way to tune the way your bicycle handles and feels when you are out for a ride. Many mountain bikers have known about this technique for quite a while, but did you know that you can also tune the bicycle that you use on pavement this way as well? Read on for the details! Continue reading

Tune Your Next Ride – Adjust Your Tire Pressure PT 1


With a simple adjustment, you have an incredible amount of control over how your bicycle will handle on your next ride. Simply adjusting the amount of air pressure in your tires has a very direct and immediate response on the way your bicycle feels and responds to the terrain where you ride. Many mountain bikers have known this for a long time, but it is completely valid for road and path riders as well. We’ll start with mountain bikes for this installment, and talk road, & path bikes on the next. Continue reading

Big Wheel Love…

If you’ve been searching or deciding on a big wheeled mountain bike, you’ve no doubt seen the raging debates over wheel-size, and tire width amongst a slew of others (like the benefits of dropper-posts, one-by systems, etc). It can certainly make your head spin.
One of our customers recently waded through the mire of the wheel-size debate & made the jump from his hard-tail 26 to a full-suspension 29er. He’s so in love with his new bike, & has been telling anyone & everyone within ear shot, for weeks, about his amazing new ride!  He was so excited, in fact, that he offered to write about his experience so we could share it with others who may sorting through the wheel-size debate. Here’s his story:

Continue reading

Bikes & Beers Series 2013

Pedal Power Bikes & Beers Plan B Burger Bar

Anxious Beer Riders at the start of our Plan B Bikes & Beers ride.

Our 2013 Bikes & Beers Series has been off to a great start this season! We’ve had two awesome rides so far, with another four planned all the way through September. Our first Bikes and Beers ride was in conjunction with and City Steam Brewery in Hartford, CT. Continue reading

Diamondback Sortie 3 29er

Gary’s new bike! Diamondback Sortie 3 29er!

Gary recently got an awesome new mountain bike. Here’s what he had to say: “I have a new bike.  Diamondback Sortie Three 29er. I just rode it! 28 miles and it is hands down the most stable full suspension I have ever ridden. Continue reading

New Arrivals…0001

Ever have days where you just want to roll over everything in your path? Maybe it’s January and the snowy, New England weather is relegating you to the torture of your trainer; all you want to do is get out and pedal? Ever wish you had a bike that could really go anywhere? Well, it’s arrived here in Pedal Power, Vernon. Continue reading

2012 Bikes and Beers Finale – Eli Cannon’s

Thirsty riders lined up to ‘Pedal for their Pints’.

The final Bikes & Beers ride is on tap (pun totally intended) for Monday, September 17th. We are dove-tailing into Pedal Power‘s awesome, weekly Monday Night Rides events, where we see 60-100 riders each Monday. We will have a nice, scenic, rolling 13 mile loop for folks attending specifically for the beer ride. If you have a road bike and would like to do a longer ride, feel free to join one of our four group levels that regularly go out on Monday nights.

Post-ride, the good folks at Eli Cannon’s have been gracious enough to open up especially for our group! (they are normally closed on Monday nights). They will have a great, free buffet and lots of awesome craft beers on tap. Please check out all of the details below:

Anyone riding with us MUST have, and wear a helmet during the rideNo helmet, no ride, no excuses. If you show up without one, you’ll have a second chance, as Pedal Power sells lots of great colors and styles!

-All rides depart from Pedal Power Middletown (from the back lot) at 5PM sharp, on Monday September 17th. Daylight is at a premium this time of year, so please get there with enough time to be ready to roll at 5PM.

-Our normal road loops are TBD and will be announced at the beginning of the day, as per the usualThe beer ride loop can be found here.

-Parking fills up quickly behind Pedal Power. There is an overflow lot to the left of Pedal Power, behind Kid City, that has ample parking. Please do not park in any spots designated as church parking.

-If you are riding your bicycle to Eli Cannon’s, make sure you have a good lock. If you are leaving your bicycle on your car while you’re at Eli’s, make sure you have a good lock. Pedal Power will also have secure bike parking available after the ride at the shop.

This ride couldn’t have happened without the support of CT Beer Trail and Eli Cannon’s. Please thank them when you see them!